Apollo Jobs is a jobs board for web3, crypto and blockchain jobs in Asia

We connect web3, crypto and blockchain companies with exceptional talent. Our focus is on Asia, because we believe this region will drive a significant amount of the innovation in web3.

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Our mission is to onboard millions into the Web3, crypto and blockchain ecosystem

We believe that Web3 and blockchain technologies have the ability to create a positive change in the world and progress humanity forward.

Our values

Breaking down barriers

The crypto ecosystem is growing quickly. But with all the acronyms no one understands, confusing user experience and lack of trustworthy information, not everyone feels included. We’re here to break down these barriers so that we can all make it.

The highest quality

The crypto and Web3 world can feel like the wild west. We have all heard about the scams, the hacks and the “rug pulls”. Which people and companies are trustworthy? At Apollo Jobs, we will only promote the companies who we believe are legitimate and in the ecosystem for the right reasons. At the same time, we aim to attract the highest quality candidates to be a part of the Apollo Jobs community.

We are human

Let’s not forget that behind every profile picture is a human. Every corporation is built by hundreds or thousands of humans working together. Let’s be kind to one another, and forgive each other for our mistakes. If you reach out to us, you’ll speak with a real human.

Our partners

We work with major web3 companies and communities to achieve our mission. 

Talent@Web3 bridges Web2 and Web3 through education and networking. They have built a community of over 1,100 members, and have run 20 web3-focused events with 40+ speakers. 

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