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Come change the world (for real).

We believe the future of commerce is user-owned. It’s a future where suppliers, creators, workers, & freelancers own more of the upside of the value they create & pay less to intermediaries.

Say ? to Village. We’re building some of the world’s most sophisticated L1 blockchain infra & L2 protocols to create a platform for user-owned commerce that’ll shape how people buy and sell goods and services on the internet for years to come.

We make it easy for any business or supplier group to build and grow user-owned networks. You can think of user-owned networks as fairer and more efficient marketplace platforms without intermediaries. Instead, they use web3 tech so users can transact directly, grow exponentially, and, actually own the platforms they do business on based on the value they contribute.

This is a big deal! User-ownership will bring about a step-change improvement in efficiency that hasn’t been seen since the early days of the internet.

Our founding team has built SaaS, crypto, eCommerce and marketplace companies, and is backed by some of the world’s top crypto & venture investors.

We need the best builders in the world to come show us what’s possible.

Team Member


Alex Calder

Founder & CEO

Bradford Church

Founder & CPO

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