Do you have a hard time finding web3 or crypto talent?

Hiring in tech is already difficult, let alone hiring in web3. It’s not enough to post a tweet, and posting on jobs boards and LinkedIn may give you wide reach, but cannot guarantee that the candidates you receive are high quality. We believe that some of the best talent is still working in traditional or web2 companies and they are just waiting for the right nudge so they can jump into web3.

We offer a more holistic approach. We make hiring easy by providing:

  1. Employer profile and vacancies on our platform. Placing your employer profile and roles on our platform will ensure that enough people know about your role. 
  2. Targeted social media blasts. Access the right communities on Discord and Slack and the right audiences on Twitter and LinkedIn to ensure that those who know about your company and roles are the highest potential candidates.
  3. Access to our exclusive talent pool. We have a community of highly engaged, qualified individuals who want to jump into web3. We can let them know about your roles and provide you with candidate shortlists.

Fill in the contact form below or email us at to find out more about how you can partner with us. Please include your name, the name of your company and your role at your company.

Alternatively, sign up for an employer account for free here to claim an employer profile.

Our pricing


  • 1 basic job posting
  • Displayed for 30 days
  • Branded with company logo


  • 1 featured job posting
  • Displayed for 30 days
  • Branded with company logo
  • Top placement on jobs board 
  • Highlighted in different colour
  • Social media blast across Twitter and LinkedIn

All prices in USD. Please contact us at or below to enquire about a free trial posting or bulk pricing (10 job postings or more).

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